Words & Music by Kevin Whalum, ASCAP, 1/26/16
There once was a bird.  This bird was sad, because this bird was concerned about what other birds had.  This bird had wings like other birds do, but this bird had been told that its wings won’t do.  So, the bird spent years on the ground (on the ground), just walkin’ around (just walkin’ around), from town to town.  Til one day, this bird heard a voice that left it no choice…but to flyyyy
Don’t you know how beautiful you are to me?
You’re made to soar! Why do you ignore your royalty?
I’ve given you more than you ever knew to find your way.
So, look inside.  I won’t be denied for another day.
You’re a pretty bird made for a pretty sky
So, don’t be shy.  You’re pretty “fly”.
I wanna see you flying high.
Cause you’re a pretty bird, and pretty birds fly.
Temporarily shaken…it had never been told…that its wings were so perfect…God had broken the mold…but now, the bird knew the truth…and came up with a plan…to aim for Heaven…and fly as high as it can…so, here’s a little moral…you can use as your own…if you listen to Jesus…you can never go wrong…so, now spread your wings…and go take your place…as a beautiful bird…flying up into space.
You’re a pretty bird made for a pretty sky,
And the way you fly is pretty “fly”.
I’m glad to see you flying high.
Cause you’re a pretty bird, and pretty birds fly.

Words by Kevin Whalum, ASCAP; Music by Michael Ripoll, BMI

Somebody Somewhere
(There had to be)
Somebody Somewhere
Somebody Somewhere
(There had to be)
Somebody Somewhere

All my life I’ve been looking for you
Now that I’m in love, I know what I’ve gotta do
Give my time, my heart, spend my money, too,
To pick my brothers up, and help them make it thru.
(I knew there had to be)

Somebody somewhere
To trust to be my guide
Somebody somewhere
Deep inside
Somebody somewhere
Even if I could not see,
I knew there was somebody somewhere loving me.

Down on bended knee, I start my day.
I find shelter from the storms in my way
Now, it feels so good when I run it all past you first,
Cause when you left it to me, I always made it worse
(All I knew was…there had to be)


You know that thing inside you that you’ve come to know?
Don’t let that “inner voice” take full control.
Check it with His word, and that’s when you’ll see
For every day of your life there always had to be…
Somebody somewhere…

Words & Music by Kevin Whalum, ASCAP, 1/29/16

People, listen! Cause there’s a lot going on.
The devil’s busy, and it won’t be too long.
Train your children, and do it right away
Cause the devil wants them, and he didn’t come to play.

Take a stand now!
We’re here to show you just how you can do it!
All the Lord needs is you to ask on your knees
And He’ll get to it!

He’ll enter your heart, and that’s my fa-vo-rite part!
He’ll block the lies!
Then, suddenly, you will be able to see with new eyes!
Black boys and girls dying at the hands of the blue
Many in red (states) denying that it’s actually true
Politicians gettin’ in the way
When the camera’s on them, they say what they gotta say


Young, Black man gets shot by a cop.
Now, we in an uproar.  The streets is hot!
Marching.  Looking like Martin ‘n nem.
We need more of what God was imparting in THEM.
Cause the fight ain’t just about equal rights
Not just race, but it is darkness & light
It’s a war old as man.  Old as time.
Right now, we happen to be on the front lines.
Lies ruling the earth in the form of hate
Turns brother against brother, son against mother,
Daughter against father, now we all look lost
And forget Calvary already collected the cost
But we all wanna floss on our Instagram
We need to get on our knees and seek the plan
Cause the script BEEN wrote since the garden
Pardon, but God’s the head of the revolution that WE startin’

Words & Music by Kevin Whalum, ASCAP

Once. Lost. Now. Found.
New. Life. Solid. Ground.
Sick. You. Claim. Me.
Hell. I. No. See.

I live for you (4x)

Waste. Time. No. More.
Get. Grace. Open. Door.
Run. Jump. Scream. Shout.
That. What. He. About.



You let me drink from your well
I love to run and tell
I’m back on track because of your grace
I will sing of you in every place

Words & Music by Kevin Whalum, ASCAP

If you walked away from God
When you thought you knew best
Mama spoiled you, and spared the rod
Well, you know the rest (Here’s what u oughta do)
Bend your knees and raise both your hands
Bow your head and close your eyes
Call on Jesus! Oh, what a friend.
He knows what’s inside

Put on your shoes, walk out that door, and come on home.
Come back home.

You see, we all make mistakes
That’s what God’s grace is for
Nobody’s perfect, for goodness’ sake
Except the ONE who opened the door
Jehovah Rapha, or Emmanuel
(Rapha and Emmanuel, now!)
El Shaddai, or Elohim
(Lord God Almighty, Just God!)
Hear what I tell you, and hear me well
(Are you listenin’, now?)
Life with Him is everything
(Aah, Ooh)

Guitar Solo

Somebody Said
Words & Music by Kevin Whalum, ASCAP

Somebody said it ain’t right, what I do
Somebody said it ain’t right
The way I…(scat)
Somebody said it ain’t right

Somebody said she don’t understand
How I consider this praise
Making all those funny sounds with my mouth
Nothin like it in all o’ her days
She even went on to say it just ain’t right
For me to sing like THIS
Said, Jesus’ll forgive me if I stop tonight
Please, somebody come and get SIS-ter Jones.
Cuz it seems she wants to call this “sin”
In judgment of ME…YET
Sister Jones ain’t paid a tithe since WHEN??

Come on.  And we go…


I got a letter from Deacon Andrews
In it, he said, “It ain’t right.”
That I make my living in club venues
At all hours of the night
“If I were you”, he said, “I’d live a right life
Before God gets here.”
Now, hold up.  Ain’t you the same man that beat up his wife
5 times last year?  
Sit down.  
And we go…


The moral of the story
is just to do
what God makes clear.
Tell your haters,
“If you think I’m payin’ ANY attention to YOU?
You can have a seat right here.”
Come on.  And we go…


(for my sister, Charli)
Words and music by Kevin Whalum, ASCAP

He was the love of her life
She was his lovely wife
And they both built the home of their dreams
They filled it with 2 little boys
Kisses, love, and new toys
It was all working out, or so it seemed
All of a sudden, one day
He got the word we all pray
Will never come near us or ours
Fast forward several more years
Fighting thru all their fears
Til the day we were told to send flowers

She never knew just how strong she was
Until she had to be
He fought hard as he could, but now she’s alone
To raise her family
She looks to the Lord for her daily grace
Praying thru tears that run down her sweet face
But this lady’s strong. Believe me, she’s strong.
The woman is STRONG.

Puts the boys to bed and gets in the tub
Lights a candle for the man she loved
Leans her head back, and tries to hear his voice
The love that they shared was oh, so real
She’s just not sure that she will ever feel
The same way again if she has a choice
But here is my prayer for her:
“Lord, remind her you’re always there for her,
And the boys will be fine. To that, I will see.
And we know she will smile again
After this mile, she will win.
This is my prayer for her. From my heart to thee.”


(Introducing, Daphne Delva Smith)
Words & Music by Kevin Whalum, ASCAP

His love for you
His love for me
It guides us through adversity
And never doubt
His hand is there
He’ll lead you out of your despair
Lord, we need your touch
We need your light
We need you so much; both day and night
As we close our eyes
And bow our heads
We recognize that you’re not dead!

You showed your love
on Calvary.
You bled and died.
Your life you have given.
Your love is truly unconditional.
A love like yours
has made us free.
You broke the chains,
And now we’re forgiven.
Your love is truly unconditional.

He’s Lord of Lords
And King of Kings
Forevermore to Him, I’ll sing
He gives me peace
In times of unrest
He’ll never cease to love me best
From A to Z
He’s been by my side
When I make mistakes, His arms open wide
And look at me now!
Do you like what you SEE??
Well, if you do, IT. AIN’T. GOT…


(Introducing, Lo Carter)
Words & Music by Kevin Whalum, ASCAP

Oh, taste and see
That the Lord is good
I wouldn’t lead you wrong, my friend
Like I ever could
Walk with the King of Kings
Smile at the joy He brings
Oh, taste and see, my friend,
That the Lord is good

Ask and receive
That’s the way it goes
He’ll bless you with His grace, my friend,
Yes, oh, goodness knows
Put a smile on your face
And come and take your place
Ask and ye shall receive
That’s the way it goes

Trust every word
That He says to you
He’ll never lead you wrong, my friend.
That’s something He won’t do
All you gotta do is praise
He’ll protect you for all your days
Trust every word, my friend,
That He says to you